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Back pain is estimated to affect at least 80% of every man, woman, and child at some point in their lives, while over $86 Billion dollars are spent every year on back and neck pain.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), 14% of all new visits to a primary care physician is due to Lower Back Pain. The CDC also states that 2.4 million adults suffer from chronic back pain, and another 2.4 million suffer temporary back pain.

After medications fail to solve the Back Pain mystery, many Americans look to invasive surgery as a solution. With averaging costs of $6,000 - $8,000 of endoscopic back surgery all the way up to $85,000 for a full on laminectomy, Back Pain is a major industry in America.

Once the Medical Matrix has failed them, many people seek out the Chiropractic Solution to help them with Back Pain.

I want to share the No-Fluff Truth that will help you with Back Pain.

Finding the Cause of Back Pain

Read any medical research, study, or science behind Back Pain and you will find common "causes" to include nerve and muscle problems, degenerative disc disorder, and arthritis. (btw Degenerative Disc Disease IS arthritis)

According to the Medical Matrix paradigm of logic, the "cause" of Back Pain is the result of a breakdown in neurology or structure.

This would be like saying the "cause" of your high electric bill is having cracks in your walls or faulty wiring.

Nerve problems, muscle problems, and disc problems are simply Signs of the "cause", not the "cause" itself.

A nerve doesn't decide one day to go haywire, just like a muscle doesn't just decide to spasm, and just like a disc doesn't decide to spontaneously degenerate.

These are simply Signs of the "cause", rather than the "cause".

Why Back Treatments Fail

The Medical Matrix makes over $86 Billion dollars every year convincing you their chemical solutions and surgical science "fixes" Back Pain, yet every year we find ourselves with more and more people suffering from Back Pain.

This simply doesn't make sense.

The reason the Medical Matrix paradigm of Back Treatments does not work, is because they're not correcting the "cause", but rather chemically treating the Symptoms and cutting out Signs.

Every medication ever made to treat Back Pain only numbs your nervous system from feeling what it's actually feeling.

In essence, drugs chemically alter neurological chemistry affecting the way the brain perceives pain.

Medical Chemicals cannot, have not, and can never "fix" Back Pain.

It's an impossibility.

When medications fail to trick your mind into believing the Back Pain doesn't exist, and they will fail, the next evolutionary step in the Medical Matrix is back surgery.

So, if chemical warfare doesn't work for treating the symptoms of Back Pain, why not cut the Signs of it out? Why not cut muscles, discs, and bones out? If the symptom no longer exists, then there possibly can't be pain. Right?

If our master carpenter surgically removed the cracks in the wall, would the high electric bill be "fixed"?

Medical Surgeries cannot, have not, and can never "fix" Back Pain, without creating further Back problems into the future.

It's an impossibility.

Medical Doctors are simply equipped with the wrong set of tools for the job.

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Health, Balance, and Normal Human Physiology WILL NEVER be obtained through the use of toxic chemicals, hack saws, and knives.

The Cause of all Back Pain

In order to solve the Back Pain problem, we must first look at it from a point of logic, rather than a point of profits.

Understanding the real "cause" of Back Pain will not only result in a possible resolution to Back Pain, but will empower you to make better lifestyle choices into the future to help you prevent Back Pain problems from costing you more money.

The real "cause" of ALL Back Pain is


Like I said earlier, nerves, muscles, and bones just don't decide to reek havoc and cause Back Pain for no reason. Muscles tighten and bones degenerate as a consequence of Stress. 100% of the time, every time.

Stress causes your body to go through an adaptive process causing muscles to tighten, and if ignored for a long enough period of time, Stress causes bones to degenerate.

Stress, causing Back Pain, comes in 3 forms:

Physical Stress: Physical Stressors includes car accidents, sports accidents, work injuries, falls as a child, the birthing process, and even long-term physical stress from sitting at a computer.

Mental Stress: Mental Stressors include financial issues, marital issues, work issues, family issues, death in the family, past experiences, and negative thinking.

Chemical Stress: Chemical Stressors include poor diets, artificial sweeteners, MSG, food preservatives, alcohol, illegal drugs, and medical drugs.

Because your body does not differentiate between the different kinds of Stressors, it goes through the same adaptive response regardless of the Stress.

Allowed to continue, over time the Stress will cause your body to say something to you in the manner of signs and symptoms. In other words, Stress "causes" the signs that "cause" the symptoms of Back Pain.

The Pattern of Back Pain

Back Pain follows a very predictable and consistent pattern every time, and with a knowledgeable understanding of the Pattern of Back Pain, comes a better understanding of how to get rid of Back Pain.


Physical, Mental, and Chemical Stressors to the body "cause" your body to try to adapt, resulting in Signs of Stress.


Signs of nerve, muscle, and bone adaptation can easily be seen with testing, and if neglected will result in symptoms such as Back Pain later.


Symptoms such as Back Pain are your body's Innate Alarm system telling you something is wrong and needs cared for.

The Back Pain Treatment that Works

Now that you have an educated and logical understanding of what "causes" Back Pain, we can easily and logically come to a solution for Back Pain.

A 3 Step Back Pain Treatment that Works Every Time

  1. Alter the Stressor: In order to effectively reduce Back Pain, it's imperative to reduce or eliminate the Stressor involved. Skipping this step will result in limited Back Pain relief.
  2. Balance the Brain-Body Connection: Because all healing comes from within your body and not from a chemical or knife, it's critical to have your Brain-Body Connection in perfect balance through Chiropractic Adjustments. Skipping this step will result in limited Back Pain relief.
  3. Give it Time: One of the biggest reasons people fail to see the results they want out of life is because they quit too early. The process of Back Pain took years to build, and the process of being out of Back Pain will simply take time.

The Big Question

As a Principled Chiropractor it's important to note, I do not "diagnose" or "treat" anything. My sole purpose is to locate Vertebral Subluxations that cause an imbalance in the Brain-Body Connection and correct them with a Chiropractic Adjustment. Your body will do the rest.

So, this really comes down to "treating" Back Pain Symptoms and Signs with toxic medical drugs or invasive medical surgeries, or Correcting the "cause" of Back Pain with lifestyle choices and Chiropractic.

It's Your Choice

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Having Back Pain is ultimately your Choice. Leave a comment below and share your perspective on having Back Pain.

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