Do Pets Grieve

Grieving when you lose a pet is totally natural. If you have other pets they grieve for the lost of their friend also. Okay there are some people that don't feel that way because they look at them as they are only animals, (nothing could be further from the truth) and for them I am sorry that they have never known what unconditional love is.

When you lose a pet the loss can be overwhelming, for some it is the same as losing a "family member". I know in my case my dogs have always been considered a part of the family. Where we went they went if they couldn't go we always had someone take care of them, they were never kept outside they lived in our house which was their house too.

Not only do the "pet parents" grieve, but if you have other dogs or pets in your house (in our case we have two other dogs) they grieve also. That can be very hard to see but I have seen it in mine.

All of our dogs used to come upstairs with us to go to bed, but for the last two months of Curley's life who lost his battle with Canine Lymphoma on April 23, 2010, see (Tribute to Curley) for the most part I would sleep on the sofa downstairs so he would not be by himself because he could not go up and down the stairs very well. Our other two dogs Moebert and Hunter would stay down with us also.

Moebert would look at Curley but never go too close; Hunter on the other hand would lay right up against him or at least very close to him. It was like they knew he was sick and wanted to be close to him too so we all stayed in the same room together.

The day after Curley passed Moebert wanted to stay outside he would lay on the deck where you would always find Curley and it was a cloudy day and Moe doesn't usually stay outside very long by himself. I thought it was odd but he was in my opinion grieving in his own way. Hunter took up positions where Curley use to lay in the house, plus they didn't come back upstairs to bed after he passed away.

One day I was outside weeding around the fence and Moe and Hunter were lying on the deck. When I came up to take a break I told them to come with me that if "Curley was here he would be laying by my side" I felt so bad after I said that because they both sat up and started looking around for him. So seeing their reaction by saying his name I won't do that again. It's like in the Harry Potter movies you don't say Lord Voldemort's name, so we didn't say Curley especially in front of them because they kept looking for him when you did.

Little did I know when I started writing this post about pets grieving other pets that my whole life was going to be turned upside down. That was on June 3, 2010 when I lost my Moebert. I was and still am devastated over his loss. You can read about my dog Moe here: Tribute to Moebert. He was my heart and soul.

Now we are down to Hunterpoor boy he misses his buddies. Every time he goes out the door he looks around the yard to see if they are there (so do I.) He knows they are both gone, he saw Curley when we had the Vet come to put him to sleep in our yard and said his good-byes before we buried him. With Moe, Hunter saw me put him in the Blazer and leave so when I brought him back home to lay him to rest I made sure that he got to say his good-byes to him also. I just wanted him to know that he was back home.

I really do believe that dogs grieve for their buddies who they have grown up with and loved just like us, maybe in their own way as we all do. You get to know your pets and you can tell in the way they act or the little things they do different. They know things are not the same but they adjust, they show their grief in their own way. We just have to help them through it as we have to adjust for the loss that we have all suffered.

My friend John said, "None of us, dogs or humans, are immortal, but to love and have been loved, is the greatest gift you could give to them." I agree with him. (Thanks John for all your kind words and helping me deal with my loss.) There is nothing like the unconditional love that our pets give us or the unconditional love they also give to each other.

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When we were planting flowers on Moebert, Curleys and Shadows (he was another one of our dogs of many years) graves, Hunter came over and looked at them and then layed down beside Moeberts grave as if to say I'm looking after all of you. It is like he knows they are there.

To Moebert, Shadow and Curley we all miss you so much. Till we meet again.


To You and Your Pets Health,


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