Five Reasons effective Co-Parenting plans are Important

When you have been mediating families that are separating and/or divorcing for over seven years, you start to see what works and what does not when it comes to co-parenting. Figuring out how to parent with your ex after divorce can be the most frustrating issue to settle.

When a couple decides to separate and /or divorce there is often intense negative emotions which can impact how cooperative they will be when it comes to their children. Parents who can work together to come up with solutions are often the best people to create custom made parenting plan/schedule to parent their children.

In my experience—here are five reasons why Co-Parenting when done effectively, is important.

  • Children who see their parents respecting and valuing each other become well adjusted to their new family dynamics in a very positive way.
  • Watching parents communicate and cooperate respectfully teaches children good social skills that they can use in their own lives.
  • Parents that co-parent effectively have fewer conflicts between each other which gives them more time to focus on the children.
  • Children learn organizational skills when navigating to homes which will help them in school and life going forward.
  • Co-Parenting will make life easier for everyone else in the children’s’ life, like extended family, teachers, coaches, and friends.

Each family that is going through a separation and/or divorce has the opportunity to create a parenting plan/schedule that focus on the needs of the children and importance of the role of each parent. The reality is that courts all across Canada are full of cases where the parents have not been able to work together.

When you go to court you are giving someone else (Judge) the power to make decisions that will impact your life and your children’s lives. The judge hearing your case does not know you or your children personally and can only make a decision based on the law.

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