You’re a Successful Woman. Are You Secure?

I work with women who are passionate about their business. They are experts in their field and on the road to seeing a consistent cash flow. You know your business, but you may not have the time, expertise nor desire to navigate all the options of building a sound financial plan.

That’s where I can help. We’ll walk through all the choices that are available. I recognize individual differences and know there’s no cookie cutter solution. And I know that financial independence means different things to different women. Our plan will be unique to your financial goals: getting the things you want, doing the things you enjoy, meeting the needs you have. The financial life plan that we’ll create includes planned events like:

  • starting a business
  • saving for trips
  • saving for retirement
  • selling your business
  • living in retirement
  • planning your estate

I also help women face the unplanned events:

  • divorce
  • caring for a loved one
  • death of a loved one
  • receiving an inheritance

I’m a straight shooter; I won’t sugar coat what I see when it comes to your finances. My job is to give you an honest review of where you are today and what you need to do to get you where you want to go.

Let’s have a conversation.

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